Network Security Competency

Enterprise security design competency development

Client Need

The client standardized their network security design across their semi-independent business units across the globe. The established a new organization to drive enterprise security policies and standard technology in their network security architecture. Their need was to build a blended training curriculum for their network security engineers to ensure competences for network, threat, application, routing, and endpoint security.

mBridge Focus

mBridge worked with the client to identify business goals, performance objectives, and metrics for the new organization. This was used as the basis for identifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to deliver the defined performance objectives. mBridge methods and tools used on the project informed the future organization structure, as well as built the training curriculum used to deliver on the ultimate business objective to protect the client’s capital and information asses from cyberthreats.

Business Value

  • Identify and address Network Engineer technical security design and architecture competency gaps
  • Organization structure, roles, and responsibilities are clearly defined across the enterprise security design and architecture
  • Blended training content available for new hires, changes in responsibilities, and skill development

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