Agile Transformation

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Client Need

The client wanted to deliver digital products and features at a faster pace and better aligned with the changing needs of the business. As a result, the client wanted to transition their large IT organization from waterfall development method to Scaled Agile Framework.

mBridge Focus

At the beginning of the sixteen-month journey, mBridge was part of the strategy team responsible for developing the plan for transitioning the IT organization and business stakeholders to scaled agile overseeing ultimately twenty Agile teams. mBridge focused on the people side of change including skill requirement mapping, stakeholder adoption, communication, and training.

As Agile teams were stood up, mBridge provided Coaches, Scrum Masters, Change Managers, and IT resources to provide key skills for the teams. As the client progressed through their transformation journey, mBridge provided organizational change management methods and tools designed specifically for Agile projects, as well as supported the Lean Portfolio Management Office with facilitating Product teams with epic reviews, approvals, and business value realization measurement.

Business Value

  • Greater focus on business value, improve product quality, engaging business stakeholders in priorities and product features, and greater transparency between development team and the business
  • Build and deliver new products and features at a faster pace
  • Agility to enhance, improve, and change direction as needed to meet business need and opportunities
  • Empower teams to self-manage and build skills as need to meet business needs

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