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Agile Change Management

The goal of organizational change management is to help organizations with the people side of change. The agile methodology aims to help businesses build and deliver new products and services faster and more responsive to the company's needs and opportunities in the market. Here is a video that highlights the change management considerations within an Agile project.

Business Change Readiness

In business, it often feels like we go through constant change. Some change initiatives impact a small number of people, while others influence the entire organization. Effects of change can be significant at the center of the shift but often flow outward to other parts. Business change readiness planning identifies and prepares all people, processes, and systems affected by the change.

Performance Based Training

Companies can provide various types of employee training to build competencies and organizational capabilities, but ultimately, what is more critical will be the training that drives business value. Determining what training to focus on is not always obvious. However, it can become more apparent if we start with business goals, performance outcomes, measurements, and targets.

Measuring Training Effectiveness

Excellent training focuses on achieving business objectives and creating business value to gain improved skills and productivity, greater retention rates, and an enhanced brand. Measuring training effectiveness based on performance objectives is a better approach than tracking student attendance, quiz scores, and satisfaction surveys. Here is a different approach to measuring training.


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