Cybersecurity Incident Response

Organizational change management, training, and communications

Client Need

The client’s business need was to ensure adoption of new 24 x 7 incident response process for business and process control networks across the globe. Their goals were to increase cyber incident response preparedness within business segments, early detection, and rapid response to cyber threats and to prevent serious cyber incidents from occurring.

mBridge Focus

mBridge delivered business readiness change management support for global network cyber incident response process rollout. We designed and delivered stakeholder engagement, communication and training for incident response managers and coordinators overseeing business and process control networks.

Business Value

  • Standardized cyber incident response processes implemented globally
  • Incident response managers and coordinators perform their duties in coordination with central cyber response team
  • Global incident response personnel are knowledgeable of current cyber threats and diligent in their efforts to protect the business against threats

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