Change Management

What we do

We help organizations through the people-side of change to support project implementations, process improvements, organizational changes and more through stakeholder engagement, communications, training and sustainment.

Why we are different

We are different in two ways. First, we start with the business objectives in mind. We work with our clients to identify and track:

Business goals to be achieved

Performance objectives needed to achieve the goals

Performance objective and goal progress

The second way we are different, is our comprehensive view towards change. The key to successful change is identifying how people, processes and systems are affected. Most change, even minor change, affects multiple parts of the organization. To be ready for change requires identifying and addressing all areas directly and indirectly affected by the change.

How we do it

We work with the clients to understand how the change will impact their people, process and systems. Then we guide them through a journey that begins with awareness of the changes, followed by understanding, adoption and commitment by supporting our clients with resources trained in our methodology.


Analyze change

  • Business case for change
  • Goals, performance outcomes, metrics and risks
  • People, process and system change impact analysis
  • Change drivers and barriers to change

Plan for change

  • Change management strategy
  • Change readiness plan
  • Leadership and change agent network plan
  • Stakeholder engagement and communications plan

Manage change

  • Stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Organization competency requirements, design and development
  • Training design, development and delivery
  • Organizational readiness plan, assessment and remediation

Sustain change

  • Change sustainment and remediation plan
  • Change sustainment measurement and tracking
  • Goals and performance outcomes monitoring and measurement