IT Solution Support

What we do

We help organizations deliver large, complex IT projects to ensure that what is delivered truly reflects the organization’s strategic business objectives. We do this by providing technically proficient resources for:

  • Network and Information Security
  • Systems configuration and implementation
  • System support (Data, Network, Operating Systems)
  • Web architecture and development
  • Application development
  • Database design
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical documentation

Our consultants are recognized by clients for their experience, capability and knowledge. Our onsite staffing services help you focus on your core strengths by leveraging our capabilities for staffing qualified resources who possess the appropriate skills to achieve your business goals.

We thoroughly match our consultants to client needs, including any client requested technical and background testing before the consultants are placed at client sites.

Why we are different

We are client centric

One of our distinguishing characteristic is the depth of our focus on our client’s mission. We not only respond to client requirements in a timely and sensitive manner, we also anticipate emerging needs and support rapidly evolving technologies and markets.

We achieve exceptional results

We are distinguished by our ability to integrate our outstanding resources with the client’s talents and technologies to align process, skills and organizational structure to achieve exceptional results with greatly reduced errors and reliable delivery within schedule and budget constraints.

How we do it


We work with our clients to understand the type of resources required, the nature of the project and the business objectives, the level of perceived risk and other specific circumstances. This helps us use innovative flexible risk and reward models that assure our clients receive the value they expect – and that motivates our consultants to exceed client expectations.


We have extensive experience in providing technical resources for a variety of industries – enabling us to provide a set of well-matched resources for our client’s requirements in a timely manner.

Examples of our work

Some examples of projects we’ve supported include:

  • Global pay and personnel integrated multi-application financial / non-financial smart card system implementation for U.S. Government
  • Stored-value, smart card and integrated chip technology products for Fortune 500 companies
  • Customer service call center architecture and process redesign and implementation
  • Tier 1 through 3 outsource / insource help desk and local support implementation
  • Loan service originations and servicing package installation