What we do

We provide functional and technical competency mapping and development, organizational change management, communication, custom training and staffing in the areas of network security technology, cybersecurity incident response process and employee cybersecurity awareness and prevention.

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To address our client’s need for effective employee cybersecurity awareness, we developed a cybersecurity training series designed to drive understanding and change behaviors.

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Why we are different

Developing competencies

Where we are different is in our focus on helping clients leverage security technologies and processes to protect, detect and remediate cyber threats to their business. We help identify, develop and train the needed competencies for their cybersecurity solution.

How we do it

We provide clients with resources to support their project and operational cybersecurity functional and technical needs ranging from network security engineers to penetration testers. In addition, we help clients identify and map required competencies across multiple functional and technical roles and develop and deliver training designed to achieve performance objectives.