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Cybersecurity Awareness
and Prevention Training

While working with our clients to develop cybersecurity technical and process competencies, they often expressed an important need to improve their employee behaviors around cybersecurity best practices. We used our expertise in cybersecurity, information technology solutions, organizational change management and training design to shape this cybersecurity training series to address our clients’ needs. We focused the design of this eLearning training series on sustained employee awareness, knowledge and adoption of best practices to promote an environment of cybersecurity awareness and incident prevention.


Cyber incidents can result in significant financial loss and damage to a company’s reputation. Unfortunately, employees can be the weakest link in protecting company information and assets from cyber threats. Proactively empowering employees with knowledge is a key step in defending against cyber attacks.

With mBridge Solutions’ cybersecurity awareness and prevention training series, employees learn how to recognize and respond to cyber threats through interactive eLearning courses and microlearning videos.

Interactive eLearning Courses

The cybersecurity series begins with eLearning courses, followed by short microlearning reinforcement videos. Each course contains interactions, audio, motion graphics and quizzes to engage employees and improve their retention.

eLearning Course List

Training includes the following eLearning courses:

Malware Awareness

Covers the impact of cybercrime on business and individuals, common types of malware, how computers get infected and how to protect against malware infections.

Insider Threat

Covers what insider threats are, the risk and impact they pose to business, the difference between negligent and malicious insider threats and how to recognize and prevent them.

Social Engineering

Covers what social engineering is, why cybercriminals find it effective, different techniques they use and how to recognize and prevent it.

Mobile Computing

Covers the risks associated with mobile computing, types of cyber threats that can occur and how to better protect the network while working remotely.

Safe Web Browsing

Covers the cyber threats associated with web browsing, how to improve your web browser security and best practices for safe web browsing.

Microlearning Videos

The following microlearning videos are used to reinforce important awareness and prevention behaviors taught in the cybersecurity series eLearning courses.

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